Why Does My Smart Thermostat Keep Turning the A/C Off?

If you recently installed a smart thermostat and discovered that it randomly turns the air conditioning or heat off, it probably isn’t broken. It’s just using a “smart” feature that, frankly, isn’t very smart. Most smart thermostats come with a feature that can automatically turn itself down while you’re away from home, saving you money on your energy bill with ... Read More »

How to Enable the Apple TV’s Dark Mode

Many people are big fans of late night television, but the all-white user interface of the Apple TV can be blinding to look at right after you watched The Dark Knight. Here’s how to enable dark mode on the Apple TV to make your light-night TV escapades more enjoyable. Dark mode is a new feature that was introduced in tvOS 10, ... Read More »

World’s top surfing dogs hit the beach in Los Angeles


Not all dogs are satisfied with a game of frisbee on the beach when excellent surf beckons, and they recently got their chance to shine at the 8th annual Surf City Surf Dog competition outside Los Angeles. Sixty animals competed with and without their owners, judged on their confidence and ability to “Stay” in the most challenging of conditions. It appears a most excellent ... Read More »

How to Install and Set Up the SkyBell HD Video Doorbell

The SkyBell HD is a video doorbell that lets you see who’s at the door right from your smartphone and even talk to them without even opening your door. Here’s how to install the unit and set it up. The SkyBell HD is similar to the Ring Doorbell, with one difference: the SkyBell unit must be hooked up to your existing ... Read More »

How to Turn an Old Smartphone Into a Dash Cam for Your Car

There’s no doubt that a dash cam can really come in handy in your car–not just to record meteors and flying cars, but more practical events like collisions and aggressive driving. But instead of buying one, you can just use equipment you already have and a freely available app. By now, everyone probably has an old smartphone stashed away in a desk drawer. Wouldn’t ... Read More »

How to Back Up Your Text Messages to Your Gmail Account


Backing up your text messages from your Android phone to your Gmail account is so simple, there’s no reason to not back them up and make them search-friendly in the process. Read on to see how you can turn your Gmail account into an SMS vault. What You’ll Need It’s easy to lose your text messages. Everything from switching phones to ... Read More »

How to Factory Reset the Ring Doorbell

If you’ve decided to get rid of your Ring Doorbell, here’s how to completely reset it to its factory settings. The Ring Doorbell actually doesn’t necessarily need to be reset, since the unit itself doesn’t save any specific data on it that’s related to your usage. Instead, you simply disassociate the device from your Ring account using the app. After that happens, ... Read More »

How to Factory Reset the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot

If you’ve decided to sell your Amazon Echo or give it to someone else to play around with, here’s how to factory reset it so that it’s ready for a new owner. The Amazon Echo uses the old-school method of resetting in which you stick a paper clip in a small hole to activate the reset button. Most hardware devices ... Read More »

How to Configure, Use, and Disable Siri in macOS Sierra

Unless you’re a Mac user who’s terribly out of the loop, you probably know that Siri has arrived on the latest version of Apple flagship desktop OS: macOS Sierra. Thankfully, Siri can be easily turned on and off or configured to your liking. There are quite a few things you can do with Siri, which has made its way onto the ... Read More »

Why Did My iPhone Emoji Keyboard Disappear?

Sometimes, the emoji keyboard mysteriously disappears from your iPhone. But don’t fret–here’s why it goes away, and how easy it is to get it back. I’ve noticed that a few things can cause this to happen. Every time I delete a third-party keyboard from my iPhone, I have to go back in and re-enable the emoji keyboard in order to ... Read More »