Six Apple Wallet Features You May Not Have Known About

Apple’s Wallet app provides a convenient way to pull up all of your digital loyalty cards, boarding passes, tickets, and more. It also serves as the home for Apple Pay. However, here are six features within Apple’s Wallet app that you may not have known about. Add Unsupported Passes to Wallet Unfortunately, you can’t officially add just anything with a barcode ... Read More »

How to Automatically Turn Your Lights On and Off Randomly Using Wink

While you can put your smart lights on a schedule when you go on vacation, it’s actually better to have them turn on and off randomly, to accurately simulate someone being home. Here’s how to do that in the Wink app with your smart lights. A newer feature in the Wink app—named “Home Sitter”—allows you to do just this. It’s ... Read More »

Geek Trivia: The First Nuclear Merchant Ship Was The?

Answer: NS Savannah When it comes to nuclear-powered nautical vessels, the bulk of all ships worldwide are, as you would assume, military vessels. Outside of naval use, there are only a handful of nuclear-powered non-military vessels and, currently, the small handful of them in operation are Russian designed and deployed icebreakers intended to help clear and navigate treacherous Arctic waters ... Read More »

What to Do When Your iPhone or iPad Isn’t Charging Properly

An iPhone that won’t charge properly is more than a little bit frustrating. Before you tear your hair out, take a stroll down out troubleshooting checklist to rule out common causes of charging problems—and, fingers crossed, resolve your issue without sending your phone in for service. There are a variety of issues that can cause problems when charging your iPhone ... Read More »

Geek Trivia: What American Sport Can Trace Its Roots Directly Back To The Prohibition Era?

Answer: NASCAR NASCAR, or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, has always been and always will be about racing stock cars. Stock cars are, as a general rule, cars that are production run vehicles that have only been modified with off-the-shelf consumer parts. These cars exist in direct contrast with race cars, like those used in Formula 1 ... Read More »

How to Automatically Turn On Your Porch Lights When It Gets Dark Out Using Wink

If you’re like me and turn your porch lights on after the sun goes down, it’s sometimes easy to forget to do it every night. However, if you have a Wink hub and a smart bulb or smart switch, you can have your porch light automatically turn on and off based on the sunset and sunrise schedule. We’ve covered how ... Read More »

The Different Types of Paint (and When to Use Them)

If you’re about to attack the walls in your house with a fresh new coat of paint, all the different choices in the paint aisle at your local hardware store can be pretty overwhelming. Here’s what you need to know about the different kinds of paint and when you should use them. Oil-Based vs. Water-Based Paint When it comes down ... Read More »

How to Import Photos from iPhone to Mac

There are several ways to transfer photos you took with your iPhone over to your Mac. Some of these methods are better than others, depending on how many photos you have. AirDrop The first method we’ll cover is probably the best solution overall. If you’re not familiar with AirDrop, it’s a feature on iOS and macOS devices that allows users to ... Read More »

How to Turn Photos Into “Memories” on Your iPhone

The Photos app on iPhone and iPad automatically arranges the photos and videos you take into “Memories.” But you don’t have to stick with the automatic selections—you can create your own Memories, too. What Are Memories? Memories are a way of automatically organizing your photos and videos into something like an album, but better. For example, if you took a bunch ... Read More »

How to Limit Windows 10’s Data Usage While Tethering

Tethering allows you to get online with your smartphone’s data connection, but you likely have a limited amount of data, and Windows 10 PCs can be very data hungry. You probably won’t want Windows 10 automatically downloading big updates and syncing large amounts of data until you get back to a normal Internet connection. Here’s how to limit that activity when ... Read More »