How to Remove HomeKit Devices from Your Apple HomeKit Home

Whether you no longer have the HomeKit accessory in question or simply need to remove a phantom entry in your HomeKit home, it’s simple to do so—if you know where to look. Let’s remove a HomeKit device now and guide you through the process. In our case, we were having an issue with our Schlage Sense smart lock and decided ... Read More »

How to Disable the “Is Running in the Background” Notification on Android Oreo

If you have a Nexus or Pixel device running Oreo, you’ve likely seen the “[app name] is running in the background” notification. While useful, this is also quite annoying. Fortunately, a new app will remove this notification permanently. Why Does This Notification Exist? Before we talk about how to get rid of it, however, let’s talk about why it’s there in the ... Read More »

How to Watch Live TV On Your Computer, Game Console, and Other Devices with the HDHomeRun

There’s nothing quite like free TV with the help of an antenna. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could get that live TV stream on your computer, or tablet, or Xbox? With a simple piece of hardware, you can. Tuner cards and external boxes aren’t exactly a new technology, but the technology and the ease of use has advanced ... Read More »

Geek Trivia: The Largest Known Freshwater Flood In All Of History Is Known As The?

Answer: Missoula Floods Recorded history is littered with examples of large scale flooding, but nearly all the examples you’ll find are caused by ocean-driven waters, rainfall resulting from hurricanes that make landfall, and tsunamis. Massive fresh water floods are uncommon, and even the largest recorded fresh water floods in history—such as the most destructive river flood in U.S. history, the ... Read More »

How to Remove Someone From Your Facebook Group

Facebook Groups are meant to be communities for people with something in common to come together. Sadly, they can also draw the attention of trolls. If you’re managing a Facebook Group, you’ll most likely have to step in and remove someone at some point. Here’s how. If someone’s posted a particular offensive comment and you want them out right away, ... Read More »

Why Does Every PC Game Install Its Own Copy of DirectX?

DirectX is part of the Windows operating system. So why does it seem like every PC game you install from Steam, Origin, or elsewhere installs its own copy of DirectX? What Is DirectX? DirectX is part of Microsoft Windows. It’s a group of APIs (application programming interfaces) developers can use for 3D graphics, video, multimedia, sound, and gamepad features on Windows. ... Read More »

Which Files Should You Back Up On Your Windows PC?

Your PC’s hard drive could fail tomorrow, or a software bug could erase your files, so backups are critical. But you don’t need to back up all the files on your PC. That would just waste space and make your backups take longer to complete. The All-Important Rule of Backups The most important rule of backups is that any important data should exist ... Read More »

How to Play Music on Multiple Amazon Echo Speakers (like a Sonos)

Amazon is a little late to the whole-house audio party. Ecosystems like AirPlay and Sonos had them beat for a while, but Amazon has finally added the ability to play music on multiple Echos at once. Read on as we show you how to configure a whole-house system using your Echo speakers. To get started with the whole-house setup, you’ll only ... Read More »

The Best Digital Tools for Dungeons and Dragons

There are many Dungeon and Dragons purists who—even in the digital age—still rely on using old-fashioned tools from earlier decades. However, there are now a ton of digital resources that can enhance D&D greatly, both for players and dungeon masters alike. Don’t get me wrong: I think the fact that you don’t need a whole lot to play Dungeons and Dragons is ... Read More »

How to Regain Access to Your Plex Server When You’re Locked Out

For the most part, the Plex Media Server experience is pretty flawless. You install the server software, you point your Plex clients at it, and start watching your movies. But sometimes, you’ll go to log into your server only to be mysteriously shut out. Let’s dig into some arcane settings and get you back to media nirvana. The issue manifests itself ... Read More »