How Do You Convert an Unknown Media File Type to MP3?

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How to Share Your Minecraft Game Over the Internet


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How to Make Your PC Shut Down at Night (But Only When You’re Not Using It)

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What Is the Adobe Acrobat Extension Chrome Wants Me to Install?

Adobe recently added a browser extension to its Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software. Adobe tries to automatically install the extension in Google Chrome, but Chrome asks your permission before enabling it. At the moment, this extension is only offered on Windows, and only for Google Chrome. Adobe may enable it on other browsers and operating systems in the future. It Offers ... Read More »

How to Optimize Your iPhone’s Music Storage to Automatically Free Up Space

Despite the increasing storage size of each generation of iPhones and other iOS devices, it’s really easy to stuff them full. If your storage management problem is a result of too much music, there’s a new feature introduced in iOS 10 that makes it easy to optimize your storage and free up space. How Music Storage Optimization Works Introduced in ... Read More »

Can I Use Task Scheduler to Monitor My Computer’s Battery?


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How to Automatically Reboot Your Router On a Schedule, the Easy Way

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How Do You Copy Deleted Text in Microsoft Word?

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The Best Cheaper Alternatives to Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the professional image editor. It’s name is now a verb for image editing (which is something that Adobe absolutely hates). Photoshop though, isn’t the only editor in town. Over the last few years, new image editing apps have come along that are almost as good as Photoshop, for a fraction of the price. Let’s have a look ... Read More »

The Best Chromebooks You Can Buy, 2017 Edition

While once considered a novelty item by many tech enthusiasts, Chromebooks have broken out of the “just a browser” mold and become legitimate laptops. They’re full-featured, lightweight machines that can do everything most users need them to do. Best of all, they’re more secure and often more affordable than the competition. Because they’ve gained such popularity, there are a ton of Chromebooks to ... Read More »