How to Enable Key Repeating in macOS

As anyone who uses a Mac knows, entering special characters is really easy–you just hold down a letter. That’s great if you want to play Pokémon Go with your friends mañana, but not so much if you realllllllllllllllllly want to play now. Normally, on macOS, when you hold down a key, it will display a popup allowing you pick a special character ... Read More »

How to Reduce the Amount of Data Your Apple TV Consumes

The Apple TV is a capable little set-top streaming device with a lot of variety, but it’s not exactly frugal when it comes to your Internet connection. If you have a slower connection, or you have a data cap, there are some ways you can reduce how much data your Apple TV uses on a regular basis. Of course, none of these steps ... Read More »

How to Automatically Upload Your Phone’s Photos to Dropbox


If you regularly take photos on your phone or tablet, uploading them to a cloud service like Dropbox makes it much easier to access them on your PC or other devices. Dropbox actually has a feature that uploads all your photos automatically, as you take them. You can do this on both Android as well as iOS devices. On Android First, ... Read More »

Turn on macOS’ Do Not Disturb in One Click with This Shortcut

Do you seek to increase your computing efficiency? It’s always nice when you can cut down on any unnecessary clicks during the course of your day. With one simple trick, you can reduce activating Do Not Disturb by two clicks. Normally, to activate Do Not Disturb on macOS, you have to click the upper-right corner to open the notification center, scroll up to show ... Read More »

Your Mac’s Dictionary Is More Than Definitions: Here’s What You Can Search

During the course of using your Mac, you’ve no doubt probably used the Dictionary application from time to time to look up a word, but did you know that the Apple Dictionary extends far beyond the Oxford English experience? The Apple Dictionary is sort of a jack-of-all-trades compendium of verbiage. It’s so much more than a means of looking up words ... Read More »

What Is “Last BIOS Time” in the Windows Task Manager?

Windows 10’s Task Manager displays your PC’s “Last BIOS time” on its Startup tab. Here’s what that number means–and how to decrease it so your PC boots faster. What Is “Last BIOS Time”? The “Last BIOS time” figure is the amount of time it took for your computer’s BIOS (or, more accurately, your computer’s UEFI firmware) to initialize your hardware before it ... Read More »

How to Make Internet Explorer More Secure (If You’re Stuck Using It)

Internet Explorer is on the way out. Even Microsoft is recommending people avoid it in favor of their new browser, Edge. If you require Internet Explorer for an old website, though, you can secure it against attack with optional features like Enhanced Protected Mode. If you can move away from Internet Explorer to another browser, you definitely should. Google Chrome, Microsoft ... Read More »

Add Blank Spaces to Your macOS’s Dock to Better Organize Apps

If you’ve been using your Mac for a while, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of shortcuts in your Dock, which can make finding things difficult. Adding a blank space or two is a great way to organize apps into groups. A blank space on the Dock is just that: nothing. When you click on it, it won’t do or launch anything. They just ... Read More »

Quick Tip: You Can Move and Rename macOS Documents from the Title Bar

If you’ve been using a Mac since OS X Mountain Lion, you might have noticed that some documents can be renamed directly from the title bar. This has actually gotten more powerful with successive OS X releases. The first thing we need to point out is that you can’t do this from every application. You typically have to use an application included ... Read More »

How to Use Signatures in Apple Mail on Your iPhone or iPad

If you use an iPhone or iPad to email important clients, friends, and relatives, then you probably want to try to minimize as much unnecessary typing as possible. Signatures are great for when you need to include your work address and phone number, an inspirational quote, or any other information you think necessary for your recipients to know. Signatures can make ... Read More »