How to Arm and Disarm Your Abode System Automatically

It’s really easily to arm and disarm your Abode home security system manually, as it’s only a tap away. However, here’s how to have the system automatically do that for you whenever you come and go from your house. First, you’ll need to visit Abode’s web interface, as the app doesn’t support setting up automatic mode changes. Once you get ... Read More »

How to Create an “Abandoned” Shelf in Goodreads for the Books You’ve Quit

If you’re one of the millions of people who uses Goodreads to track your reading habits you’ve surely noticed one thing: there’s no default way to mark a book that you’ve stopped reading partway through and have it removed from your reading list. With a simple little trick, however, you can create a final resting place for those books you ... Read More »

How to Clean and Renovate a Used Model M Keyboard

The venerable Model M, first manufactured by IBM in the 1980s (and then licensed and sold to other companies), enjoys a hallowed space in the hearts and minds of keyboard enthusiasts. Its relatively simple-but-durable buckling spring switch mechanism has stood the test of time, literally: many keyboards from the original production runs are still functioning and being used by those ... Read More »

How to Turn Your iPhone or iPad Into the Ultimate Gaming Machine

By Whitson Gordon on June 24th, 2017 Gaming PCs are great, but sitting at a desk after an entire day of work isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world. You could game on your TV, but what if your spouse or kids are hogging it? No worries: With the right stuff, you can turn your iPhone or iPad into ... Read More »

Gorilla breakdances in kiddy pool


Zola the gorilla is feeling playful. And when Zola feels playful, he likes to dance and splash. As you can see, when a huge gorilla wants to dance and splash, it’s quite the scene. Full story at YouTube. More great animals. Posted by Josh Urich Read More »

How to Set Apple Maps to Avoid Tolls and Highways

By Jason Fitzpatrick on June 23rd, 2017 If Apple Maps is your navigation tool of choice and you prefer avoiding toll roads, staying off the highways, or both, it’s easy to tweak Apple Maps to meet your needs. Whatever your motivation—be it avoiding tolls, highway traffic jams, or just ensuring you drive past the world’s biggest ball of yarn and ... Read More »

The Best “Console-Like” Games for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Games have been a staple of app stores since the inception of smartphones. But back then, the most popular games were short and quick, not the in-depth adventures you’d find on gaming consoles. But times have changed. Phones and tablets may not be quite up to par with PCs, Xboxes, and PlayStations when it comes to gaming, but high quality games ... Read More »

How to Back Up All Your Photos with Amazon’s Prime Photos

Millions of people are Amazon Prime subscribers, but many of them don’t realize that in addition to free shipping and Prime Instant Video, they also get unlimited photo storage for all their computers and mobile devices. We’ve been encouraging people to get more out of their Amazon account by taking advantage of all the extra features—and unlimited photo storage is ... Read More »

The Best MFi Gamepads for Your iPhone or iPad

There are some surprisingly decent games on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, but touch controls are usually…less than ideal. Many of those games support full gamepads, though, so you can play with the same precision you do on a console. Here are the gamepads to buy. Sadly, you can’t just use any ol’ Xbox or PlayStation controller with your iPhone ... Read More »

How to Get Instant Fashion Advice from Amazon, Without the Echo Look

The Echo Look is a new device from Amazon that’s able to take a look at your outfits and tell you which one looks the best on you. However, you actually don’t need the Echo Look to get this kind of instant fashion advice from Amazon. The Amazon app on your smartphone actually has this feature built in, but it’s ... Read More »