How to Restore the Old Clock, Calendar, and Battery on the Windows 10 Taskbar

Windows 10 changed the interface for the clock, calendar, and battery pretty dramatically from previous versions. While the new style is attractive and fits in well with the Windows 10 look, you can still restore the old interface used in Windows 7 and 8 for these features if you prefer them. Changing back to the old battery interface also gives ... Read More »

How to Watch TV Through Your Xbox One, Even Without Cable

Microsoft has downplayed the Xbox One’s TV features since its launch, but the Xbox One still offers useful TV integration. It’s even been enhanced: You no longer need a cable or satellite subscription to watch TV. You can watch TV for free with an antenna. If you have an Xbox One, you should seriously consider setting up the TV integration. Microsoft ... Read More »

The Best Third-Party Alexa Skills on the Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo can do a lot of neat stuff, but its built-in features are just the tip of the iceberg. With third-party “Skills”, you can add further capabilities to the Echo, like adding events to your Google Calendar and even ordering pizza. There are over 1,000 third-party Skills that you can enable for your Amazon Echo, and the number continues ... Read More »

How to Change the Speed and Resolution of Recorded Movies on the iPhone

If you have an iPhone 6 or newer, you can change the speed and resolution at which your phone captures recorded video and slow motion video. If you prefer to use less storage and really only look at your videos on your phone, a lower resolution can help you save space. If you want higher resolution captures and smoother video, ... Read More »

How to Create a Shortcut or Context Menu Item for Nearly Any Windows Setting

It’s not too hard to browse through Windows’ settings to find what you need, but if there’s a setting you access frequently, why not make it a little easier on yourself? Windows exposes a number of useful settings through Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) that you can use to create a shortcut or context menu item for quick access to that setting. What ... Read More »

How to Stop a Paragraph from Splitting Between Pages in Microsoft Word

When you type in Word, paragraphs flow smoothly from one page to the next, and page breaks are automatically inserted when needed. However, what if you want to keep a certain paragraph together and not split the paragraphs between two pages? There’s a simple fix for this. Why not just insert a manual page break before the paragraph? As you edit ... Read More »

What to Do When Windows Shows Two Different Drive Letters for the Same Disk

It’s a somewhat rare problem, but on occasion, Windows might display the same hard disk or partition twice using different drive letters. Thankfully, there’s usually a simple solution. This is almost always the result of either a user or program having created a virtual drive that maps to your real drive. These virtual drives are not like drives created with ... Read More »

The Easiest Ways to Create Animated GIFs on Any Platform

Animated GIFs are everyone’s new favorite way of expressing themselves. They’ve become the moving equivalent of the emoticon, so it can be helpful to know how to create your own. The GIF and its animated cousin have been around for almost 30 years. GIFs, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, are no longer widely used for still images, but the animated variant has overwhelmingly ... Read More »

Base jumping from a tightrope [video]

Combining tightrope walking and base jumping is an intense sport. But the upside is, if you fall off your tightrope you have a backup. The post Base jumping from a tightrope appeared first on Holy Kaw!. Read More »

How to Get Android N Features on Your Phone Now with N-Ify

Android N will bring a lot of new, innovative, and useful tools to Android, but if you don’t have a modern Nexus device, then it’s hard to say how long you’ll be waiting to get your hands on some of these new goodies. Fortunately, if you’re running a rooted device with the Xposed framework installed, getting many of N’s new ... Read More »